About Us

Infrastructure Defense Technologies (IDT) is a developer, manufacturer, and marketer of physical security products designed to meet the threats of the 21st Century - man-made and those of nature.

Our mission is to design, develop, prototype, test, market, and manufacture low-technology, rapidly deployable, cost effective products or systems designed to protect high value targets against terrorist attacks involving the use of KINETIC FORCE (such as speeding vehicles, explosive devices, ballistic weapons, etc.). We are also producing products designed to protect assets against rising floodwaters, storm surges, and some other natural occurring events.

We bring our products from initial concept to Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) status within one year focusing on developing solutions where no current protective technology exists, or where the technology that does exist can be significantly improved upon.

Our clients are responsible for the protection of high consequence assets that require protection against an authenticated threat or an encroachment by natural forces.

During 2003, we designed the Metalithâ„¢ a specialized U.S. Department of State K12-certified product line of protective physical barriers used as critical infrastructure perimeter security systems, especially for those assets needing blast mitigation protection and anti-ram vehicle barriers.

We have adapted that proven technology to produce the Metalith H2O flood fighting and erosion control barriers.

Professional Affiliations

Infrastructure Defense Technologies has retained the services of a number of professionals to handle our design, engineering, testing, and marketing of the Metalith H2O flood fighting barriers. These currently include:

  • Flood fighting barrier testing
  • Engineering services
  • Industrial marketing, brochure and website content development,
  • Print Media
  • Website and print media development
  • Public relations/media communications

If you would like to contact any of our professional service providers about the Metalith and the Metalith H2O barriers, the services they provided, or are directed to them by Infrastructure Defense Technologies management, please contact us for their contact infornation.