Metalith™ H2O flood and erosion control barrier benefits

Metalith H2O flood control and flood mitigation barriers are the tested choice of emergency management personnel, architects, emergency response consultants, disaster reconstruction contractors, corporate disaster planning managers, industrial safety products purchasing managers, conservation organizations, and other specialists, who require physical protection barriers systems to protect personnel and critical infrastructure assets against the effects caused by rising waters, floodplain overflow, storm surge, and erosional forces.

Infrastructure Defense Technologies' military, industrial, commercial, and governmental customers know why Metalith barriers are the physical perimeter security barrier choice for blast, anti-ram protection, and ballistics protection as well as protective delay. Now we offer our Metalith H2O flood fighting and flood control barriers to help emergency management organizations, communities, and others fight their battles with rising floodwaters, erosion, or storm surges.  Those areas are:


Metalith H2O product benefits

These include:

  • Ease of Installation: Metalith H2O flood barriers can be quickly installed by unskilled labor, and require no tools other than those shipped with the product. Sand, dirt, or any local material may be used as fill. No special equipment is required to install the Metalith H2O barriers.

  • Re-Usable: Unlike any other flood mitigation product, Metalith H2O flood barriers can be disassembled, repackaged and stored for future use. System components are stored on pallets, and require minimal warehousing space. Easy-to-use tools are available for fast and efficient disassembly.

  • Cost Efficient: The Metalith H2O barriers, manufactured by Infrastructure Defense Technologies, are significantly less expensive than the most widely used flood mitigation products calculated on a per-use basis. The ability to re-use Metalith H2O flood control panels over several, or numerous, flood events dramatically reduces its effective per-use cost.

  • Speed of Assembly: Testing at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Vicksburg, Mississippi, Waterways Experiment Station, proved the Metalith H2O barriers can be erected 2-3 times faster than the next fastest flood protection barrier and as much as 20 times faster than the use of traditional sand bags. When the flood water is rising, go with the flood barriers that can be erected the fastest. No other product is close!

  • Functionality: The Metalith H2O flood control barriers demonstrated some of the lowest seepage numbers recorded during initial product testing. At the 1 foot level, the barriers only shipped 3 gallons per hour per linear foot of barrier.

  • Direct Cost: Compared to other flood fighting barrier products, the Metalith H2O barriers are either less expensive or only slightly more expensive. When factoring in their 20-year expected life, reusability, no disposal costs, and their eventual recycling, these flood fighting barriers are the best bargain available today.

  • Quickly Ready For Use: Unlike most competitive products, the Metalith H2O bins can be filled with an 8-foot wide front loader dumping the entire load of sand in one fast dump. Due to the structure of other competitive products, smaller fill loads must be used and initially, dumped slowly and carefully, to avoid them falling over or causing damage.

  • Availability: Metalith H2O flood barriers are manufactured by Infrastructure Defense Technologies (IDT) and we have the ability to provide virtually any quantity of the Metalith H2O flood barriers in a short period of time. Our manufacturing plant located in Belvidere, Illinois has the capability to meet even the immediate needs of a flood emergency situation.

  • Corrosion Resistance: Metalith H2O barriers are manufactured from aluminum (a highly corrosion resistant material), so they will withstand severe conditions such as salt water. Corrosion resistance is one of the contributing factors in the re-usability of the product.

  • Warranty: Metalith H2O barriers carry a 20-Year limited product warranty.

  • Longevity: When properly used, the Metalith H2O flood control barrier has an expected product life of 40 years.

  • Temporary or Permanent: Metalith H2O flood barriers offer the user the flexibility of a short-term flood barrier, but are also strong enough to be left in place as a permanent structure. For areas with a high frequency of flooding, the Metalith H2O may be left in place, and offers a pleasing and modifiable appearance.

  • Will Not Deteriorate: Metalith H2O flood control barriers will not deteriorate from prolonged exposure to the elements, temperature, and sunlight.

  • Ease of Shipping: Metalith H2O panels can be easily shipped by flatbed truck, railcar, ocean container, or air cargo, making them convenient to transport - anywhere in the U.S or the world.

  • Minimal Footprint: The Metalith H2O flood barriers can be stored on pallets requiring little storage space and even when erected offer a small working footprint making them easy to install.

  • No Disposal Costs: The Metalith H2O panels are made out of reusable aluminum so no costly disposal is required as is required with sandbags, other popular geotextile flood barriers, or the fill material that cannot be contaminated by the aluminum panels.


General Metalith H2O product benefits

The Metalith H2O flood control and flood fighting barriers offer a number of other benefits, besides those benefits that were proven during testing at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Metalith H2O barriers offer these additional benefits:

  • Emergency Use Design: The Metalith H2O barriers were designed for deployment and ease of use at emergency management depots or remote facilities to afford the highest level of flood fighting protection.

  • Zero Site Preparation: These flood fighting barriers are designed to be erected in place with no excavation or surface preparation required, eliminating the necessity for bulldozers or graders and allowing emergency personnel to begin erecting the barriers immediately.

  • Quality Manufacturing: The Metalith H2O flood control and flood fighting barrier panels are subject to Infrastructure Defense Technologies' stringent quality standards during pre–production, production, and through post-production, ensuring that our flood fighting customers receive a high quality product manufactured to the stated normal specifications, or custom designed specifications, while eliminating quality related delays.

  • Custom Finishes: Our barriers are offered with a standard finish, but can be ordered with custom finishes to match virtually any requirement making the barriers' appearance suitable for many permanent applications.

  • Environmental Degradation Elimination: The Metalith H2O flood protection barriers are constructed using .050 aluminum that will not degrade due to environmental exposure unlike other systems that are made from various plastics or geo-textiles which both suffer product and performance degradation due to heat, U/V rays, and other general environmental exposure.

  • Environmentally Friendly: The Metalith H2O barriers are the "greenest" flood fighting or erosion control barrier since they are made out of 100% recyclable aluminum and stainless steel.

  • Safe for Wildlife: Our barriers will not damage aquatic habitats, posing no risk to wildlife since our panels are made out of aluminum and will not degrade from environmental exposure or due to longevity and they are not edible posing no hazard by ingestion.


Benefits of doing business with Infrastructure Defense Technologies

Infrastructure Defense Technologies is through it's Corrugated Metals division has over 100 years of metal forming expertise and has been an industry leader in the production of large oversize, close tolerance, corrugated metal panels for decades.  Our customers benefit from the work and quality control practices that are part of our daily production and operation.

Metalith H2O barrier customers will benefit from Infrastructure Defense Technologies with:

  • Quality Production: Infrastructure Defense Technologies' adherence to strict quality standards throughout pre-production, production, and post-production, eliminating costly poor production issues.

  • Prime Metals: We purchase only Prime Metals with accompanying mill certification reports, ensuring Metalith H2O flood control barrier end-users receive the product specified, providing complete metal production traceability.

  • Process Control: Infrastructure Defense Technologies adheres to strict process control standards including checking gauge, length, width, coverage, surface quality, and squareness, ensuring our Metalith H2O, and other customers, receive consistent, documentable quality product.

  • Inspection: We conduct a final pre-shipment inspection process, ensuring all required components, accessories, instructions, and assembly tools are included in the shipment, making sure final field assembly runs smoothly.

  • Tight Production Schedules: Our shipping schedules at Infrastructure Defense Technologies are coordinated to meet a customer's specific delivery needs, emergency or otherwise, keeping project deliveries on time.

  • Metal Processing Expertise: IDT and its roll forming division, Corrugated Metals, has over 100 years metal processing experience, experiencing a level of dedication and experience that translates into our customers working with one the best-established, technically astute, and most committed custom metal products manufacturing organizations in the country.

Infrastructure Defense Technologies flood protection and erosion control barriers are designed to provide protection from rising floodwaters, surges driven by high winds or hurricanes, and problems with mud or soil movement caused by torrential rain or other natural occurrences.

For more information about Infrastructure Defense Technologies' flood barriers and erosion control barriers and applications, please call us at 1-800-379-1822, email us at, or fill out our contact form.