Product Comparison

When compared to other flood fighting products the Metalith H2O flood barriers are considerably faster to install, significantly less expensive and 100% reusable. Metalith H2O flood barriers can be erected 2-3 times faster than the next fastest flood protection barrier and as much as 20 times faster than the use of traditional sand bags. Metalith H2O barriers are less expensive when factoring in their 20-year expected life, reusability and no disposal costs. In addition, the eventual recycling of the material will yield best bargain available today.

Unlike any other flood mitigation product, Metalith H2O flood barriers can be disassembled, repackaged and stored for future use. System components are stored on pallets, and require minimal warehousing space. Easy-to-use tools are available for fast and efficient disassembly. The Metalith H2O bins can be filled with an 8-foot wide front loader dumping the entire load of sand in one fast dump. Due to the structure of other competitive products, smaller fill loads must be used and initially, dumped slowly and carefully, to avoid them falling over or causing damage.