Metalith™ H2O Flood Control Barriers

Infrastructure Defense Technologies proudly introduces our newest Metalith technology product, Metalith H2O flood protection barriers and erosion control barriers.

Metalith H2O products are designed and manufactured in the United States as the next generation of effective temporary or permanent flood control barriers for use in the construction industry, by emergency management organizations, and conservation organizations.



Metalith H2O is a second-generation product based on the Metalith technology originally used by the United States Armed Forces for force and critical equipment protection in forward areas. The Metalith H2O has been adapted from that technology to accommodate the growing demand for the protection of commercial, residential, industrial, and government facilities against the effects of rising floodwaters, storm surges, and a number of other issues caused by nature. See Applications.

The Metalith H2O is composed of prefabricated corrugated aluminum panels that when assembled, using stainless steel pins, provides a flood fighting barrier system that offers extremely fast installation setup, cost efficiency, superior facility or asset protection, easy disassembly and storage. The product comes standard in 3-foot high panels that make bins that are 4 feet deep and 8 feet long. Custom sizes are available to meet the custom requirements of any site in need of floodwater or erosion control protection.

Emergency Management operations will prefer the Metalith H2O barriers because they can be assembled approximately 2-3 times faster than any other product offered on the market and nearly 20 times faster than traditional sandbags usage based on testing conducted for flood fighting barriers by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

There is nothing available on the market that offers the setup speed, cost per use, functionality, asset protection, ease of storage, transportation to the needed site, and eventual disassembly, as the Metalith H2O flood control barrier system does!


Description - What is the Metalith H2O?

The Metalith H2O is a prefabricated corrugated aluminum barrier system constructed from .050 corrugated panels that are connected with stainless steel pins, formed into a single course assembly of 3 feet tall, 4 feet deep, and 8 feet long, which can be made to meet any length requirement by adding bins together. (Custom sizes are available upon request).



The main applications for our Metalith H2O flood protection barriers and erosion control barriers include:

  • Bank / Slope stabilization barriers
  • Barrier walls
  • Bulkheads
  • Culvert pads
  • Flood mitigation barriers
  • Land reclamation barriers
  • Levee armoring
  • Levee elevating
  • New levee construction
  • Retaining walls
  • Sand dune stabilization and armoring
  • Emergency flood containment barriers
  • Emergency flood deployment
  • Erosion control barriers
  • Flood control barriers
  • Seawall repair
  • Soil stabilization
  • Spill containment
  • Temporary and permanent seawalls and bulkheads
  • Water runoff redirection.

Industrial, commercial, residential, and government facilities can best use our Metalith barrier wall systems as protection from rising floodwaters from swollen streams or rivers, water surges driven by strong storms or hurricanes, and mud slides or soil disturbances caused by heavy rains.

Emergency Management organizations, as well as contractors called in to erect barriers, are most likely to purchase or use the Metalith H2O flood fighting barrier system to protect communities, facilities, assets, and citizens.


Features and benefits

Infrastructure Defense Technologies' Metalith H2O flood fighting and flood control barriers offer a number of important features and benefits. The Metalith H2O barrier panels:

  1. Are The Fastest Barriers to Assemble:Testing at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Vicksburg, Mississippi, Waterways Experiment Station, proved the Metalith H2O barriers can be erected 2–3  times faster than the next fastest flood fighting barrier and as much as 20 times faster than traditional sandbags. When the floodwater is rising, go with the flood barriers that can be erected the fastest. No other product is close!

  2. Are Easy to Install: Metalith H2O flood barriers can be quickly installed by unskilled labor, and require no tools other than those shipped with the product. Sand, dirt or any local material may be used as fill. No special equipment is required to install the Metalith H2O barriers.

  3. Are Cost Efficient: The Metalith H2O barriers, manufactured by Infrastructure Defense Technologies, are significantly less expensive than the many widely used flood mitigation products on as single use basis and are much cheaper calculated on a per-use basis. The ability to re-use Metalith H2O flood control panels over several, or numerous, flood events dramatically reduces its effective per-use cost.

  4. Reduce Flood Water Seepage: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers testing has proven low seepage rates.

  5. Are Re-Usable: Unlike any other flood mitigation product, Metalith H2O flood barriers can be disassembled, repackaged and stored - for decades - for future use. System components are stored on pallets, and require minimal warehousing space. Easy-to-use tools are available for fast and efficient disassembly.

  6. Will Not Deteriorate:  Metalith H2O flood control barriers will not deteriorate from prolonged exposure to the elements, temperature, and sunlight.

  7. Eliminate Post-Use Disposal Costs: The Metalith H2O panels are made out of reusable, recyclable, aluminum so no costly disposal is required as is required with sandbags, other popular geotextile flood barriers, or the fill material that cannot be contaminated by the aluminum panels.

  8. Are Available Now: Metalith H2O flood barriers are manufactured by Infrastructure Defense Technologies (IDT) and we have the ability to provide virtually any quantity of the Metalith H2O flood barriers in a short period of time. Our manufacturing plant located in Belvidere, Illinois has the capability to meet the immediate needs of a community or Emergency Management organization even during a flood emergency situation.

  9. Offer Corrosion Resistance: Metalith H2O barriers are manufactured from aluminum (a highly corrosion resistant material), so they will withstand severe conditions such as salt water. Corrosion resistance is one of the contributing factors in the re-usability of the product.

  10. Have an Excellent Warranty: Metalith H2O barriers carry a 20-Year limited product warranty, far longer than any comparable competitive flood fighting product.

  11. Provide Extreme Longevity: Metalith H2O barriers have an expected product life of 40 years when properly used. No other competitive product can come close to making that claim.

  12. Can Be Easily Transported: Metalith H2O panels can be easily shipped by flatbed truck, railcar, ocean container, or air cargo, making them convenient to transport - anywhere in the U.S, or the world.

  13. Require a Minimal Storage Footprint: The Metalith H2O barriers can be stored on pallets requiring little storage space and even when erected offer a small working footprint making them easy to install.

  14. Can Be Temporary or Permanent Barriers: Metalith H2O flood barriers offer the user the flexibility of using the barriers as a short-term emergency response flood barrier, but are also strong enough to be left in place as a permanent structure. For areas with a high frequency of flooding, the Metalith H2O may be left in place, and offers a pleasing and modifiable appearance.

For more information about Infrastructure Defense Technologies’ flood barriers and erosion control barriers and applications, please call us at 1-800-379-1822, email us at, or fill out our contact form.


The Metalith™ Family

Infrastructure Defense Technologies has engineered and manufactured a line of products designed to provide protection from terrorist attacks and incursions from floodwaters and other forces of nature. This is the Metalith™ family of products.

Currently this family of protective products includes:

The Metalith Physical Protective Barriers
The Metalith Physical Protective Barriers

Metalith, a line of K-50 and K12-certified, high quality, high strength, physical security barriers designed to meet the anti-blast, anti-ram, and anti-terrorism demands for perimeter security solutions required by the military, the U.S. government, and owners and operators of many types of critical infrastructure assets.

The Metalith is a prefabricated steel wall structure which offers superior blast mitigation, force protection, anti-ram vehicle protection, cost efficiency, and ease of installation. The product is available in multiple sizes and configurations to meet the custom requirements of any site in need of physical perimeter security.

Modular Protective Structures
Modular Protective Structures Modular Protective Structures - a product line of configurable and modifiable structures that utilizes the Metalith's proven technology coupled with a roofing system designed to initiate mortar detonation with a protective layer of roof level sandbags to capture fragmentation generated by a blast and withstand the detonations and protect from the effects mortar strikes. These roofs also offer protection from the elements. The walls and protective entry barriers offer excellent protection from blast, low-angle, high-velocity fragmentation, various ballistics and kinetic energy weapons, while providing some of the best anti-ram vehicle protection of any product currently in use. These structures offer excellent rocket, artillery, and mortar (RAM) protection. Our designs are engineered to offer compartmentalized security providing additional protective benefits.

Pipeline Protective System
Pipeline Protective System Pipeline Protective System - a proprietary pipeline protective system designed to offer excellent protection from blasts, contact charges, vehicle borne explosives, and high velocity vehicle impacts. IDT's Pipeline Protective System is designed to protect this type of critical asset from terrorism activities, vandals, accidents, and acts of nature. The design is based on our highly successful and proven Metalith technology incorporating sand filled corrugated steel courses to provide protection for critical pipeline infrastructure at needed locations.

The Combat Outpost
The Combat Outpost

Combat Outpost – a complete protective outpost in a kit. The Combat Outpost is a self-contained unit that ships with all the needed components to create an outpost that is easy to defend and offers the Metalith barriers' proven blast, crash, and ballistics protection, plus protective delay and the ability to stop deadly follow-on attacks.

The standard Combat Outpost kit provides everything needed to create a 100' x 136' perimeter with 6' wide x 12' tall Metalith barriers that produces a hardened structure that includes a pre-detonation roof offering superior rocket, artillery, and mortar (RAM) protection. RAM protection is provided in our design by offering 1) Overhead cover - mortar and artillery protection, 2) Sidewall protection - ballistics penetrations protection, and 3) Compartmentalization - reduction of unsecured areas.

The Remote Gun Tower
The Remote Gun Tower Remote Gun Tower - IDT has designed, engineered, and tooled our new Remote Gun Tower to provide added protection for our troops. The remote Gun Tower ships as a self-contained kit that can be added anywhere along a new, or existing, Metalith barrier perimeter protection system. The standard tower size is 10' wide x 10' deep x 20' high. Our Remote Gun Tower has an inside access and a rooftop access which provides our troops with an elevated firing position protected by heavy gauge steel panels and sand fill. The Remote Gun Tower offers excellent blast and ballistics protection for the soldiers manning it.

Metalith H2O Flood Control Barriers
Metalith H2O Flood Control Barriers

Metalith H2O Flood Control Barriers - Metalith H2O represents the next-generation product line of flood control and erosion control barriers. Using our proven Metalith construction techniques, we have designed a new size and configuration to meet the needs of emergency management organizations to battle rising floodwaters.

They are dependable, easy to use, solid ballast containment, structures for controlling floodwaters that can be erected significantly faster than sandbag barriers as well as other ready to use barrier systems offered on the market.